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weathered willow
60×50 cm, oil, fiber
This much-seen old willow tree stands in near to Solt.

At the gates of Abaújszolnok.
50×70 cm, oil, canvas, “alla prima” technique
Cserhát landscape on the border of Abaújszolnok, in the twilight lights of October – on the route of the National Blue Trail

Mountain trail
60×90 cm, oil, canvas
View from the Spartacus hunting trail towards the Danube bend in the sluggish November sunshine.

Summer, Adriatic, Rosé
60×50 cm, oil, canvas
A pleasant moment of the summer – Vrbnik, Croatia, island of Krk.

Doomed to rot
50×40 cm, oil, canvas – “plein air, alla prima”
The wine cellar of Ricsováry major.

Winecellar and whom she inspired
50×70 cm, oil, canvas – “plein air, alla prima”
The wine cellar of Ricsováry major.

Hiding in the green
50×60 cm, oil, wood fiber – “plein air, alla prima”
Part of a house among trees in the Ricsováry major. My first “plein air, alla prima” picture, which means, the picture was made outdoors, in one sitting session, in the painting camp of Kálmán Gasztonyi.

Heatwave day in Eger
50×70 cm, oil, canvas
A walk along the banks of the Eger stream on a sultry early August afternoon. Clouds gathering from the north promising thunderstorms.

Intimate conversation
60×40 cm, oil, canvas
1990 Monemvasia, Greece; Again, an old memory: during a siesta my son and his mom have a deep conversation about the great things in the world .

Guest room / Clean room
50×70 cm, oil, canvas
The clean room of the house of the painter Ferenc Szalay in Mártély.

40×60 cm, oil, canvas
Szonja (3) and Dani (5) – my grandchildren have fun with headgear

Early morning
50×70 cm, oil, canvas
This beautiful oak tree stands at the bottom of the Calvary Hill in Márianosztra.

Noon walk
50×60 cm, oil, canvas
The old town of Cres in the noon sunshine. A play of light and shadow: the sunlight reflected from the wall of the church illuminates the walking woman in a white dress.

The golden river
60×90 cm, oil, canvas
View of the city from the Árpád rest area above Rózsadomb. The February morning sunshine is filtered through the humid, smogy air, drawing the Danube into golden light and sparkling here and there on the rooftops.

Waiting for a guest
60×40 cm, oil, canvas
A memory of more than 30 years at the southeastern tip of the Peloponnese. Monemvasia is a phenomenal city between rocky mountains and the sea. Just sit down at this table with a glass of wine …

60×90 cm, oil, canvas
The gorge of the Gaja stream in the eastern part of the Bakony.

Old church
40×60 cm, oil, canvas
Medieval church in Mátraverebély, Northern Hungary

Sunny November in Szentendre – (sold in private collection)
50×70 cm, oil, canvas
A peaceful November afternoon on the banks of the Duna near Szentendre. Dusk gilds the leaves of the trees and the river reflects the blue sky with incredible vivacity.

40×60 cm, oil, canvas, knife
Resting boats on a sunny noon in the harbor of Santorini.

Cliff bay in sunset lights
60 x 80 cm, oil, canvas
On the island of Losinj. Meditteranean impressions.

25 x 30 cm, oil, canvas
An eternal topic. This is my version.

Mostar at night – (sold in private collection)
50 x 70 cm, oil, canvas, painter knife
Nostalgic memory. It was a beautiful, mild Mediterranean evening, we walked around after a pleasant dinner…

50×60 cm, oil, canvas
Defying the forces of nature, rusty but steadfast, it waits for the arriving ships.

Mediterranean street scene (sold in private collection)
70 x 50 cm, oil, canvas
Mediterranean street scene near to Marseilles.

Still life
60 x 50 cm, oil, canvas
Still life based on the picture of the most famous dutch still life painter Willem Claesz Heda.

Corydalis cava (sold in private collection)
25 x 30 cm, oil, canvas
Corydalis the herald of the spring. Their scent wings on the downhills of the Börzsöny.

New York (sold in private collection)
60 x 60 cm, oil, canvas, knife
Street scene based on the picture of Jeremy Mann – painter knife technique

Poppy field (sold in private collection)
25 x 30 cm, oil, canvas
A poppy field near to Budapest, Hungary.

Alcsútdoboz (sold in private collection)
50 x 70 cm, oil, canvas
Arboretum of Alcsútdoboz, ruins of the castle of prince József Nádor

50 x 70 cm, oil, fibreboard
The waterfalls of Slunj near to the famous Plitvice lakes.

Lago di Como
60 x 50 cm, oil, canvas
Mediterranean atmosphere – Lago di Como, Villa Balbinello.

Santorini (sold in private collection)
70 x 50 cm, oil, canvas
Santorini my personal experience, one of the most amazing greek island. It is part of my mediterranean enthusiasm.

Autumn scenery
40 x 50 cm, oil, fibreboard, monochrome
This is how I first met with the oil painting based on Van Gogh’s picture

40 x 50 cm, oil, canvas
My first “real” painting – getting know mixing colours, painting the clouds, water and the distance.